SPring Special Membership Drive Open!

You survived the winter! Baseball season is just around the corner. Cadbury cream eggs are back. You deserve an amazing new workplace.

Join our community by April 15 and lock in:

  • $50 off each person’s membership (for your first 6 months)
  • Waived initiation fee (normally $25 per person)
  • And of course, all of Covo's standard, really great, amenities.




$150 / Month ($50 off)

A flexible membership. You'll spend Monday heads-down on the lower level; Wednesday amidst the hustle and bustle of the sun-soaked main floor, and Friday looking out from the mezzanine. All the Covo amenities. All the freedom you can handle.


$250 / Month ($50 Off)

A desk of your own. Maybe you have a big monitor and tons of paper files (it’s okay that you still have them!) or you just want some room to stretch out with your own stuff. You get a locking cabinet, your own desk and chair and nameplate.


From $300 / Month ($50 Off)

Your own slice of Covo.The Covo community, your own four walls, and a locking door. Plus a filing cabinet and signage. No need to schlep stuff back and forth each day. No need to keep your shoes on while you work.



Work Features


Lifestyle Enhancements