We go to coworking spaces to surround ourselves
with exceptional people.

It is those people who keep us motivated, productive, and inspired. At Covo, we created Trust Craft Cocktail and Coffee Bar as a place for you to forge bonds, meet clients, and relax. It is here, in Covo's beating heart, that an eclectic group of strangers becomes something more: a family. Come raise a glass with us!

Coffee Shop by Day

Covo's public coffee shop serve the finest the Lou has to offer: Kaldi's coffee and Firepot tea.

We have pastries, quiches, and hot and cold breakfast options.  Come on down start your day off right.

M-F, 8AM-4PM

Cocktail Bar by Night

In the shadow of the St. Louis Arch, the Missisippi Valley Trust Company has proudly stood at the corner of 4th and Pine since 1896. While the city transformed around it, within these walls time stood still. Today we invite you back, to old-fashioned charm, timeless hospitality, and a modern twist. 

The Trust Cocktail bar is essential to the balance component of our "Work. Life. Balanced." motto. Located in the bank’s beautifully restored main hall, Trust transports you back to the era of speakeasies, flappers, and gangsters.

W-Th 4PM-11PM
Fr 4PM-midnight
Sa 6PM–midnight
Su-Tu closed